As long as the heavy load you want to hunt with is fired in the Ruger or some other stout, modern handgun, you may load it up.


F. Smith & Wesson Model S&W 500.

of #4227 is just over 1,000 fps.

The Oregon Trail Laser Cast SWC bullet for the.

45 Colt (. . .

I've killed several does there, the last one being DRT at 180 yards.

45 Long Colt has outstanding capabilities in a few words, and some even see it as more powerful than the. #12. Hornady.

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45 Colt—or.

357 Magnum. My favored 20.

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Trying out the new Long Colt Revolver.
The Oregon Trail Laser Cast SWC bullet for the.

45 colt only has an average power.


Nov 16, 2016 · If you need lead free 45 Colt ammo his 3G 225 gr Barnes XPB ( bullet) is leaving the handgun at 1500 FPS. 454 Casull, the latter being an elongated version of the Colt cartridge loaded to a much higher pressure. .

357 magnum, the. 35 Remington. The main difference is shock from speed. · #2 · Oct 1, 2007. 45 Colt can match 44mag in a good gun but like Will says the Judge isn't up to it. 45 calibers.

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The 357 magnum cartridge comes out ahead this time when comparing the two cartridges in terms of power. It is one of the most powerful handgun cartridges in existence, and it can be used for self-defense, hunting, or target shooting.

43×33mmR), is a rimmed, straight-walled, handgun cartridge dating to 1872.


Montana based HSM is committed to.

About the same time the Winchester Trappers arrived, Marlin had a very limited run of 500 each of.

This is a hunting load using a 225 grain LeverEvolution, Flex-Tip (FTX) bullet.